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A First Thursday event showcasing new work by African artist Stephen Aifegha. During the month of February, Aifegha has been working on this extension of his thesis exhibition "21st century Africa" which celebrated beauty in African culture and is open to the public at Surel's Place on Feb 24th. This new collection will highlight the struggles of the lower class people of Africa.

This work has been created during a co-residency made possible by Surel's Place, LED, and Global Lounge.

Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, Stephen Aifegha demonstrated a gift for the arts as a child. He attended art galleries, museums and competitions. He eventually realized that to truly pursue his passion he would have to move far away from home. Aifegha researched international art programs, eventually landing at Idaho State University.

Stephen's artist practice is influenced by his identity and culture as an african. He is a mixed media artist who uses original African fabrics and newsprint as a major element in his art. The African fabrics are used to show his identity as an African and also give an insight about his subject matter or narrative as it concerns issues regarding the African continent and the diaspora, while the newsprint are used for texture and social commentary. HIs subject matter and narrative focus on historical, social, and cultural issues that concern Africa in regards to cultural syncretism, identity issues, culture clash, and pride. His art centers the problems and issues in Africa today rooted in its pre-colonial and post-colonial history.

Stephen Aifegha: Third World Africa

LED: 1420 W Grove St, Boise, ID 83702

March 4, 2022


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