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We dream of a space to come together to experience the vibrancy of Idaho's multi-cultural community. This project is about offering platforms to celebrate our unique cultures and also experience joy through shared experiences involving the art, music, food, dance, and the stories of our diverse community. Global Lounge Commons will be an inclusive creative arts center that works to help build connections, nurture cultural learning, and engage all ages in exciting global experiences. GL Commons will ring with many languages, cuisines, fashions, music and traditions.

Please join Global Lounge to help create a very special community space!

The GL Commons will be nestled in the heart of a diverse community and located in the Asian Plaza on Cole Road and Ustick in Boise, which is home to a Viva Brazil Market, Idaho Capitol Asian Market, and is the future home of many planned multi-national businesses and restaurants. Sharing the corner is the Boise Public Library! Through partnerships and inclusion, the GL Commons will be a collaborative space delivering programming to educate, preserve and share culture.

The Global Lounge Commons’ multi-purpose spaces will feature works of local artists in outdoor and indoor areas; it will be configured with designated rooms for dance, music, and arts workshops; and it will feature an indoor atrium conducive to arts display, musical performances, and events that promote education and sharing of cultural traditions.

GL Commons will give you the opportunity to think globally and experience locally!

Visitors can come for pop-up markets, music/art workshops, exhibits, and performances. The GL Commons will provide the international community a place to sell their wares in the market and may lead to work opportunities. Creating an art-infused gathering space in this area will draw customers to these businesses while providing the residents in the area access to immersive and enriching arts experiences.

We believe getting to know those who are different than ourselves in engaging and uplifting arts-centric experiences can turn the tide on the climate of racial tension and distrust currently hurting many regions across the country. We believe Idahoans share a genuine commitment to preserving a harmonious and welcoming community and this project is geared toward creating opportunities to connect diverse communities and individuals in positive and engaging ways.

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