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Global Lounge is honored and proud to present "Many Voices, One Song” as part of the Kennedy Center’s Arts Across America program. In collaboration with Facebook, this free live stream performance series unites artists and audiences to celebrate performing arts from communities across the country.  ”Many Voices, One Song” is made possible thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Idaho Shakespeare Festival and the Velma V. Morrison Center through their support in helping to deliver the joy of music and dance as we navigate this global challenge together.  

Join this free live stream presentation featuring members of Idaho’s multi-national community.  

Visit the Kennedy Center’s Website to watch this and other Arts Across America performances.


Date and Time:  Friday,August 28, 2020 at 2:00 pm (MT) Live on Facebook

Artists featured will include Afrosonics, a local afro-indie band infused with multi-cultural members and global vibes. Out of the desire to bring communities together, Afrosonics creates music featuring a collective of musicians from Europe,Africa and the United States. At the heart of the group’s progression, the bandhas conscientiously integrated new American musicians (former refugees from war torn areas of the world) into the collective that is Afrosonics. The genre twist deepens with the infusion of Idaho musicians into the collective withroots in country, rock, jazz and opera.

Musicians: Dayo Ayodele, Todd Dunnigan, Ben Wieland, Misty Taylor, Lenny Escobar, Jake Englehorn, Elvice Mwenemantale

Also gracing the stage for this special occasion will be LED, an award-winning arts organization that weaves signature contemporary choreography, original musical compositions, and elements of film into thought-provoking narratives and inspiring stories that are redefining the boundaries of performing arts.

They will perform a few of their favorite original songs and dances created over the years. Featuring a group of exceptionally talented local dancers and musicians, they hope to spread a little more light and love in this world.

 Musicians: Andrew Stensaas, Angel Abaya, John Fricke, Michael Mitchell, Matt Fabbi, Declan Rowe John, Neal Goldberg

 Dancers: Nell Josephine, Daniel Ojeda, Antonio Carnell, Cydney Covert, Lauren Edson, Brett Perry


The segment will be hosted by Global Lounge’s Community Partnership and Communication Director, Donna Kovaleski.

Cultural arts enthusiasts from all over Idaho and beyond are invited to join the live stream event to enjoy vibrant traditional and contemporary performances featuring members of the Idaho’s multi-national community.  

Specialthanks to the Velma V. Morrison Center and the Idaho Shakespeare Festival  for additional programming support for this event.

“Many Voices, One Song”

It is through weaving our styles, sounds, voices,and melodies that we see the true beauty diversity brings. With the arts as our meeting place, we can reshape our world with imagination, wonder and unity.


About the John F.Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts:

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Arts Across America features free, digital performances from over 200 diverse, visionary artists who play leadership roles in their communities, exemplify unique regional artistic styles, and are using their medium as a tool for advocacy and social justice.The rotating performance schedule features performers presented by the Kennedy Center and presenting partner organizations invited to curate performances as identified by the National Endowment for the Arts Regional Artist Organizations: Arts Midwest; Mid-America Arts Alliance; Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation; New England Foundation for the Arts; South Arts; Western States Arts Federation; jurisdictional arts agencies representing U.S. territories;and Arts Across America is made possible and live streamed by Facebook and will continue through December 11, 2020. Arts Across America is available on Facebook Live, YouTube, and the Kennedy Center website, five days a week at 4 p.m. ET. 

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"Many Voices, One Song”

Live on Facebook

August 28, 2020

2pm (mt)

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